Obtain the list of devices available on a platform.

cl_int clGetDeviceIDs(cl_platform_id platform,
                      cl_device_type device_type,
                      cl_uint num_entries,
                      cl_device_id *devices,
                      cl_uint *num_devices)



Refers to the platform ID returned by clGetPlatformIDs or can be NULL. If platform is NULL, the behavior is implementation-defined.


A bitfield that identifies the type of OpenCL device. The device_type can be used to query specific OpenCL devices or all OpenCL devices available. The valid values for device_type are specified in the following table.

cl_device_type Description


An OpenCL device that is the host processor. The host processor runs the OpenCL implementations and is a single or multi-core CPU.


An OpenCL device that is a GPU. By this we mean that the device can also be used to accelerate a 3D API such as OpenGL or DirectX.


Dedicated OpenCL accelerators (for example the IBM CELL Blade). These devices communicate with the host processor using a peripheral interconnect such as PCIe.


Dedicated accelerators that do not support programs written in OpenCL C.


The default OpenCL device in the system. The default device cannot be a CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CUSTOM device.


All OpenCL devices available in the system except CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CUSTOM devices.


The number of cl_device_id entries that can be added to devices. If devices is not NULL, the num_entries must be greater than zero.


A list of OpenCL devices found. The cl_device_id values returned in devices can be used to identify a specific OpenCL device. If devices argument is NULL, this argument is ignored. The number of OpenCL devices returned is the mininum of the value specified by num_entries or the number of OpenCL devices whose type matches device_type.


The number of OpenCL devices available that match device_type. If num_devices is NULL, this argument is ignored.


clGetDeviceIDs may return all or a subset of the actual physical devices present in the platform and that match device_type.


clGetDeviceIDs returns CL_SUCCESS if the function is executed successfully. Otherwise it returns one of the following errors:

  • CL_INVALID_PLATFORM if platform is not a valid platform.

  • CL_INVALID_DEVICE_TYPE if device_type is not a valid value.

  • CL_INVALID_VALUE if num_entries is equal to zero and devices is not NULL or if both num_devices and devices are NULL.

  • CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND if no OpenCL devices that matched device_type were found.

  • CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES if there is a failure to allocate resources required by the OpenCL implementation on the device.

  • CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY if there is a failure to allocate resources required by the OpenCL implementation on the host.

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