Cross product.

float4 cross(float4 p0,
             float4 p1)

float3 cross(float3 p0,
             float3 p1)

double4 cross(double4 p0,
              double4 p1)

double3 cross(double3 p0,
              double3 p1)
half4 cross
     (half4 p0,
       half4 p1)   // if half extension enabled

half3 cross
     (half3 p0,
       half3 p1)   // if half extension enabled


Returns the cross product of and For the form that returns float4, the w component of float4 result returned will be 0.0. For the forms that returns half3 or half4, the w component of double result will be 0.0.


General information about built-in geometric functions: Built-in geometric functions operate component-wise. The description is per-component. floatn is float, float2, float3, or float4 and doublen is double, double2, double3, or double4. The built-in geometric functions are implemented using the round to nearest even rounding mode.

The geometric functions can be implemented using contractions such as mad or fma.

An application that wants to use half and halfn types will need to include the #pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_khr_fp16 : enable directive.

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