Deprecation (glossary definition): A feature that is deprecated in a given version of the specification will be excluded from the text of that revision of the specification. All listed features detailed in earlier versions of the specification that have been deprecated are required to be supported by the current version of the specification as described in the version of the specification in which the feature was last defined. These features may be removed entirely in a future version.

OpenCL Features Deprecated in OpenCL 2.1

OpenCL Features Deprecated in OpenCL 2.0

  • clCreateCommandQueue

  • clCreateSampler

  • clEnqueueTask

  • The CL_DEVICE_HOST_UNIFIED_MEMORY param_name argument to clGetDeviceInfo.

  • The CL_DEVICE_QUEUE_PROPERTIES param_name argument to clGetDeviceInfo (replaced by CL_DEVICE_QUEUE_ON_HOST_PROPERTIES).

  • The CL_IMAGE_BUFFER param_name argument to clGetImageInfo.

  • The explicit memory fence functions defined in section 6.12.9 of the OpenCL 1.2 specification.

  • The OpenCL 1.2 atomic built-in functions for 32-bit integer and floating-point data types defined in section 6.12.11 of the OpenCL 1.2 specification.

OpenCL 1.1 Features Deprecated in OpenCL 1.2

  • clEnqueueMarker, clEnqueueBarrier, clEnqueueWaitForEvents

  • clCreateImage2D, clCreateImage3D

  • clUnloadCompiler, clGetExtensionFunctionAddress

  • clCreateFromGLTexture2D, clCreateFromGLTexture3D

  • CL_DEVICE_MIN_DATA_TYPE_ALIGN_SIZE value for the param_name argument to clGetDeviceInfo

OpenCL 1.0 Features Deprecated in OpenCL 1.1

  • clSetCommandQueueProperty


  • -cl-strict-aliasing option for the options argument to clBuildProgram