Vector distance.

float distance(float n p0,
               float n p1)

double distance(double n p0,
                double n p1)
half distance (gentype p0,
             gentype p1)     // if half extension enabled


Returns the distance between p0 and p1. This is calculated as length(p0 - p1).


General information about built-in geometric functions: Built-in geometric functions operate component-wise. The description is per-component. floatn is float, float2, float3, or float4 and doublen is double, double2, double3, or double4. The built-in geometric functions are implemented using the round to nearest even rounding mode.

The geometric functions can be implemented using contractions such as mad or fma.

If extended with cl_khr_fp16, generic type name gentype may indicate half and half{2|3|4} as arguments.

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