Return the image dimensions.

int2 get_image_dim(aQual image2d_t image)

int2 get_image_dim(aQual image2d_array_t image)

int4 get_image_dim(aQual image3d_t image)

int2 get_image_dim(aQual image2d_depth_t image)

int2 get_image_dim(aQual image2d_array_depth_t image)

int2 get_image_dim(image2d_msaa_t image)

int2 get_image_dim(image2d_array_msaa_t image)

int2 get_image_dim(image2d_msaa_depth_t image)

int2 get_image_dim(image2d_array_msaa_depth_t image)


aQual refers to one of the access qualifiers read_only, write_only, or read_write.

get_image_dim with image2d_t, image2d_array_t, image2d_depth_t, and image2d_array_depth_t returns the 2D image width and height as an int2 type. The width is returned in the x component, and the height in the y component.

get_image_dim with image3d_t returns the 3D image width, height, and depth as an int4 type. The width is returned in the x component, height in the y component, depth in the z component and the w component is 0.

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