OpenCL qualifiers.


These are the qualifiers available in the OpenCL C programming language. Click on a category name in the table below to see information about specific qualifiers.

__read_only, read_only
__write_only, write_only
__read_write, read_write

Address Space Qualifiers

__local, local
__global, global
__constant, constant
__private, private
__generic, generic
__kernel, kernel
__attribute__ with work_group_size_hint, reqd_work_group_size, vec_type_hint

attribute with aligned, packed

attribute with aligned, packed, endian


typedef, extern, static

C99 Type Qualifiers

const, restrict, volatile

The type qualifiers const, restrict and volatile as defined by the C99 specification are supported. These qualifiers cannot be used with image2d_t, image3d_t, image2d_array_t, image1d_t, image1d_buffer_t and image1d_array_t types. Types other than pointer types shall not use the restrict qualifier.

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